The first branch of KOSHER Bagels N Greens opened its doors in early 2010 on a charming street corner on 18th Avenue in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. The success story was surprising and immediate. In a few months, BNG became known as the  coffee bar for the discerning customer. Patrons came from around the corner and as far as Williamsburg and Crown Heights to sample the delectable food and experience a BNG meal. Customers were impressed by the attention paid to even the most minute details. They appreciated the freshness of the ingredients, innovative menu, and delicious food. Before long Java, zucchini muffins, and garlic butter, had become part of the Brooklyn vernacular. BNG turned into a brand name.





Less than one year later, BNG began construction of its second branch on Coney Island Avenue in Flatbush, which opened in late 2011. Our priority was to ensure that the standard of perfection we established in Boro Park carried over to the new store in every aspect. In Flatbush, our state-of-the-art on site kitchen allowed us to expand our menu.We built on our existing assortment of delicacies and added a line of gourmet cheesecakes and mousses as well as a premium sushi bar. The demand for BNG food for parties and businesses was so great, that in 2012 we introduced our “Prestigious Party Platters” for parties, business meetings, and conferences. We also prepared a corporate catalog designed uniquely for those who wish to enjoy BNG at the workplace.


In 2013 the next BNG concept was introduced. Our newest branch is located on the busy thoroughfare of 13th Avenue, bringing our signature style and quality into the heart of Boro Park. Using our years of experience and the constructive feedback of our loyal customers, we created a culinary experience tailored to the calorie conscious consumer. We developed a special Healthy Menu focusing on portion size, nutritional value and with corresponding nutritional information delineating the calories of each offering. We also extended this concept to our more indulgent treats in all our stores, creating individual serving sized packages to help our customers maintain the healthy lifestyle that is important to us all. Our emphasis on quality food for the health conscious consumer ensures that Bagels N Greens is strictly healthy N tasty !  Alongside this new trend, Bagels N Greens launched our new coffee concept. In a unique joint venture with Nespresso USA, we have imported the new Aguila Coffee System. We now offer 34 different kinds of coffee varying in intensity and made from the finest coffee beans in the world. Each flavor can be brewed to the consumer’s preference and enjoyed as espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte and more. Additionally, our system’s unique cold frothing capability ensures that you can enjoy your favorite drink cold or hot without sacrificing quality or taste.Greatness comes from never accepting the status quo. We can’t wait to continue developing new ideas to please our customers in 2015!